Performance «Invisible Man in Zazerkalye»

Performance «Invisible Man in Zazerkalye»

One young man, just a prince and a future monarch, has not read a single book in his entire adult life. All his free time he spent at the computer and mobile phone and dreamed of being not just a king, but a king of likes. And so everything would be, if he did not have an amazing adventure in the Looking Glass, where he turned into invisibility, forgot about the computer and left without a cell phone. He had to fight there with every dishonor for his kingdom, for his future throne, and even for a happy childhood without sorcerers and skeletons, but this is just a small part of what the prince had to face. And to find out all about his adventures, come to our show.

"Invisible in the World Through the Looking Glass" - a modern theatrical performance was performed by a team of professionals. Modern vision of staging performances and a completely different approach to the creation of theatrical performances. The team of professionals follows the current trends and understands what the modern young spectator and their parents need. In the age of the Internet, technology and the lack of free time, do not forget how important it is to spend time with the child and pay attention to his cultural development. The project was created by professionals from all over the world, professional directors, technicians, screenwriters, choreographers.


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