Concert Ra:IN

Concert Ra:IN

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The band Ra:IN, one of the founders of which is the legendary X Japan guitarist PATA is an example of what should be the real rock stars. Experienced, but has not lost his youthful enthusiasm the musicians are jumping on the columns, wrapped around the neck of the wires from the microphone, smashing the drums, head banging on the synths, Kamada somersault on the stage, satisfied with shamanic dance, stagediving, crowdsurfing — all the quirks and madness, which starved the fans of rock. Even the first-class Studio work of the band pales against the background of what its members get up on stage. Anyone who has seen their videos will confirm: tattooed charismatic guys with slight negligence in every gesture are able to rock and send to ecstatic madness 50-thousand stadium with only one introductory chord hit "free".


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